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Davidnudescash Nouvelles

The DavidNudesCash Affiliate Program is being retired officially in staged, for preparations of completing a sale of the business and a move to an advertisement-based free site model. Links will... Continuer...
Fresh Sites and Tours! - octobre 3, 2016
* [update 10.14.16] ArtNudeTattoos.com is now updated to new framework and ssl!

* [update 10.12.16] SecretNudistGirls.com is now updated to new framework and ssl!

*... Continuer...
Datacenter Move Complete! - juillet 1, 2016
Here is the email that went out to all affiliates:

All systems are at 100%!

So Ive given the host a good 24 hours to maintain their up-time commitment before emailing... Continuer...
SITE MAINTENANCE - Upgrades in Progress - juin 27, 2016
Affiliates! The upgrade of this NATS server is complete, and now the server upgrade for the site tours and members areas has begun. The system automatically checks for upgrade completion and shows... Continuer...
DID YOU JUST SIGN UP? - juin 13, 2016
We are manually activating new accounts, you cant log in until your account has been manualyl activated.

If you are a new affiliate to davidnudescash.com and just signed up here, be... Continuer...
Video Covers in Dump - janvier 21, 2016
You can now get direct URLs to the cover image for each video FHG in the dump feature (as well as on the regular view). The fields to use for these are:

"Path to Cover Image - Large"... Continuer...
LINK TO ANY PAGE IN TOUR - décembre 3, 2015
So, how do you link to any page on the tour of any site, say the join form or a model page, even a specific video?

Simply add a backslash / to the end of your complete nats link, and... Continuer...
GREAT NEW BANNERS! - janvier 11, 2015
Hi Affiliates! Go grab some of the great new banners we just made and inserted into DavidNudesCash NATS for SoftOrgasms, HappyNakedTeenGirls, AllGirlNudeMassage, SecretNudistGirls, and NakedGymGirls!
MaryJane Johnson, Rilee Marks, and Hanna Lay in a sexy nude gym video! NakedGymGirls FHGs - juillet 29, 2014
Announcing three hot babes in a naked workout and threesome video for NakedGymGirls!!

... Continuer...
Teen Claire in a pool masturbation video for HappyNakedTeenGirls!! - juillet 24, 2014
Announcing petite and flexible teen Claire in an outdoor masturbation video for HappyNakedTeenGirls!!

Link to the... Continuer...