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Davidnudescash ニュース

New cutie teen Juliana! HappyNakedTeenGirls FHGs - March 30, 2014
Announcing teen Juliana for HappyNakedTeenGirls!!

Link to the new video:... 続ける...
Brand new hot video of Rina Ryder and Annabelle Lee! SoftOrgasms FHGs - March 29, 2014
Announcing Rina Ryder and Annabelle Lee for SoftOrgasms!!

Link to... 続ける...
New Amateur Teen Courtney Loxx! HappyNakedTeenGirls FHGs - March 28, 2014
Announcing Courtney Loxx for HappyNakedTeenGirls!!

Link to the new video:... 続ける...
New babes/milfs Bella Bends and Avona! SoftOrgasms FHGs - March 24, 2014
Announcing Bella Bends and Avona for SoftOrgasms!!

Link to the... 続ける...
Hey Chris carossit@ .... - March 17, 2014
Ive tried to reach affiliate Chris (carossit@ .... ) but his registered email bounces back to me instantly, even with gmail, so if you are out there...I was able to look you up in the system but... 続ける...
New Teen Girl Summer! HappyNakedTeenGirls FHGs - March 16, 2014
Announcing Summer for HNTG!!


I have released her photo and video FHGs into NATS for HNTG and added the 5... 続ける...
Production Schedule for 2014 New Stuff - March 15, 2014
Currently, I have 96 new 1 hour erotic productions shot. In the last 15 days, we have completed 7 (video with photo and model interview). So based on that rate, it looks like I will have all of... 続ける...
Epoch payments now on ALL sites! - March 10, 2014
As of now, all sites, including David-Nudes and SweetNatureNudes, are using Epoch processing, along with CCBill and 2000Charge. So our billing solution is 100% upgraded and ready to rock.
... 続ける...
Epoch Payment now first in cascade! - March 3, 2014
For the 8 newer sites, Epoch is now active as the first payment option for credit/debit!! Their form is super fast (less than 1 second), and does not ask for address, ect...

We will... 続ける...
2000Charge Alternate Payments now Accepted! - February 24, 2014
We are now set up and accepting all of 2000Charge.com's woldwide alternative payment options, with geo-based join forms that show the customer the join options that apply to his country (like... 続ける...