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Payouts inside CCBill system now at 0%, NATS at 50% February 14th, 2014
I had a valid question from an affiliate come in over email that some others who have not gone through the NATS migration might also be wondering about. Thought I would share with you to help, just in case:


I just noticed in CCBill, that you set 'Payout Percent' to 0.00% and 'Payments for Rebills End After: (Zero) rebills'. If I'm not mistaken, this means that I've get nothing anymore for my sales and rebills at CCBill?
May you take a look at it please.


No, and we just finished working all week directly with CCBill and NATS together. Now the NATS software is setup to pay out on all sales from any program, including CCBill. For example, if you try any of your links with the CCBill referral link in it, and track the headers using a live header plugin for your browser, then you will see that it first goes to CCBill, then to NATS, then to the actual end location (gallery, tour, whatever) and it now has your NATS tracker in place.

In addition, all previous members from CCBill have been imported into NATS now, this includes their affiliate ID that was responsible for the sale, which means now NATS will pay you when CCBill phones it up and says that the member rebilled.

So, to finalize the process, they now turn off CCBills payout system and turn on NATS payout system. Otherwise you would now get paid 50% from CCBill and then 50% from NATS for every sale (would be nice, I know...but... :) Now you will get paid exclusively through NATS.

Hope this answers your question! Thanks!

David Weisenbarger
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